Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bucket List

I am of the firm opinion that everyone should have a bucket list. Whether it is only those 2 unfulfilled dreams bouncing around in your head or that perfectly precise, color coordinated and sequential list of 200 objectives taped to the bathroom mirror, one should find satisfaction in making and attaining goals.

I am caught somewhere between the invincibility of youth and the eventuality of age. It is a perplexing state of limbo. Too young to forget the anything-is-possible approach of my 5-year-old self and too old to deny the remorse that comes along with another dumb decision. I am stuck somewhere in between and I kind of like it.

I take pure pleasure in paying off my Discover card instead of blowing my paycheck on a spur of the moment girl’s weekend to the Keys. But I am also in love with the fact we know that moving halfway across the world could quite possibly be the most self-indulgent decision we’ve made, but absolutely revel in the adventure and opportunity anyway.

I've also noticed I am slowly slipping into only looking towards the future. Since our moving date is getting so close, all of my decisions, all of my days have recently revolved around Israel. I am forgetting I still have a life to live here and now.  And I hate that.

My Pre-Israel Bucket list should keep me pretty busy

To do
 Learn the Hebrew alphabet

Learn 20 common Hebrew phrases

Run a 5K in 25 minutes

• Practice photography more

• Get another article published

• Go bungee jumping

• Take a ballet class again

• Finish chapter 2 & 3 of my book

• Learn how to surf

• Go horseback riding in the mountains

Gather and complete a book of family recipes

• Spend an entire weekend with just the girls

• Write a will

• Pay for a stranger's meal at a restaurant

• Stay up all night and watch the sun rise with DH

• Learn how to mix a cocktail like a flair bartender

• Never touch another cigarette again

• Teach a child to tie his shoes

• Give out teddy bears to sick children in the hospital

• Help a terminally ill person fulfill a wish

• Learn a song on the piano

• Go white water rafting

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