Sunday, February 20, 2011

Queen Esther: A Heart of Gold

I first mentioned my work with Save A Child's Heart  (SACH) just a few weeks after my initial meeting.  Now nearly 4 months later, I wanted to share a video with you of one of our current children in Israel.  Esther is a 9-year-old orphan from Tanzania who traveled to Israel for life-saving heart surgery.  Fortunately, now Esther is back in the children's home and healing nicely.  Her bright smile and gentle hugs warm my heart when I see her in the house. 

I have found a home in SACH and strongly believe in the work of this organization.  Whether it is Save A Child's Heart or any other deserving organization, I encourage you to find a charity with whose mission you connect and give a little time and treasure to make this world a bit better than we came into it.  I promise you'll get double the blessings than you will give.

Esther's story:

Friday, February 18, 2011

Jaffa/יָפוֹ: A Photo Journey

Jaffa or Yafo, an ancient port city just south of Tel-Aviv, is thought to be the oldest ports in the world.  DH and I spent the day there, mostly eating and sightseeing, but of course I couldn't pass up the deals in Shuk Hapishpeshim either. 

Hey, I wanted the unabridged version!

I couldn't agree more

Stumbled upon this little find on our excursion.
St. Peter's Monastery, built in 1654 over a 13th Century citadel.


Our view from the restaurant, not too shabby, eh?

Sheshbesh, an Middle Eastern favorite pastime.

Hookah, another favorite Middle Eastern pastime.

Shopping at Shuk Hapishpeshim, my favorite pastime.

We heared the Friday evening call to prayer as we left marking a beautiful end to our day in Yafo.