Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Crap Stays: My Packing Method the Second Time Around

I don't know if the huge international move almost exactly a year ago traumatized me for life or I just don't care anymore, but my moving methods and stress level have both been noticably different this time around.

Between the 200,000+ protests a mile from my front door in Tel Aviv, the crazy riots in London and the scary-sounding-but-not-quite-sure-what-it-means downgrade from S&P in the States, I'm pretty sure the world around me is coming to an end anyways.  So therefore as long as I manage to throw some crap in a suitcase and get myself, DH and the dog safely on the plane to live out our final days in Atlanta, I think we'll be okay.

Or maybe it has something to do with the fact I'll be inching closer to 7 months pregnant at the time of the move and cannot imagine lugging 2 oversized suitcases, a carry-on and pulling the world's most ridiculously large dog crate around an airport.  Can't we just stick the dog in a box and FedEx her back please?!  I'll cut some air holes in the cardboard, I promise.

Plus I'm pretty sure it is against the law to make a pregnant lady move abroad.  I keep telling DH he should be grateful I'm not reporting him to the police for this indecency. But then again, I think I got a pretty good deal out of it. Back home, we have an entire storage unit of furniture and probably close to a dozen boxes filled just with books that I will only be lifting a finger to direct our hired movers to move. 

Whatever the reason, I don't even have an ounce of stress over this time around. It may come back to haunt me when I realize I really kind of do need those crucial insurance documents and 5 pairs of jeans I left on a random streetcorner in Tel Aviv, but seriously if I leave half my closet behind I really could care less--except my shoes.  I will have my shoes on that plane.

So in less than six weeks this awesomely exhausting, inspiring and insane Israeli adventure will come to an end.  I am both content with our decision to leave and heartbroken to see it end.  I will never ever be the same person for this wonderful experience.

As always, check back again 24-48 hours prior to and post move, I may be singing a different stress-induced out of key tune about moving.


  1. My adventurous child. You make life alot more interesting for the rest of us..love the heck out of you.

  2. Wow, two international moves!! You can do it, if anyone can, you can! (I could not! LOL!) I'll be praying for you lots!! I hope you continue some type of blog once you return to the states, I want to hear about your adventures in mommyhood!

  3. Having made the international move myself, it made me happy to hear that the 2nd one will go easier---esp given that you're managing a move, a change in continents, and a pregnancy. My whining about moving stops right now, I swear it does. :) Good luck with everything--sounds like you'll manage it all just fine, as usual!
    Take care!