Thursday, July 1, 2010

Israel: The Weird Kid In Class

The Israelis have requested yet another passport photo of me and DH. I’m serious. Another one. After we’ve already sent them 10. What are they doing with those things? No, you know what...I don’t wanna know. They can keep their weird government secrets.

I’ve come to realize the Israeli government is sort of like that weird kid in your 4th grade class. He was a little strange and nobody really liked him, but he was mysterious and intriguing all the same. His only friends were the other loner kids that nobody really liked either.

In fact, Israel is a lot like that weird kid. You know who I’m talking about, you had one in your class too.

You hung out with him during the summer because he had really cool toys and was kind of fun. But once school started again he always tried to talk to you in the halls, but you were scared of being seen with him so you turned your back to him. He'd ask you why you ignored him and you felt bad.  You knew he was right, but it wasn't the cool thing to do.  

The teacher would scold you in front of the whole class if you picked on him and sometimes even threaten to take away your recess. But someone always picked on him anyway, because... well, what is a little yelling really gonna do? Besides the teacher never followed through with any of those threats.

Those weird kids, they were tough s.o.b’s. Mostly because everyone was always trying to fight with them all the time. He’d kick some ass too. He’d go home with a black eye, but always come back to school the next day ready to forgive to make some friends, but willing to fight all over again if he had to.

So yeah, Israel is a lot like that weird kid.

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  1. They made me retake my first passport photo because it wasn't "Israeli." I'm still not sure what they think they meant. At least they're letting you do aliyah! I wasn't allowed (I'm not Jewish and my husband is already an Israeli citizen), and it's SO much harder getting through the system without any help. Hang in there!