Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Essentials to take to Israel: Hockey Pucks and Black Heels

Although the mere thought of moving abroad could have sent my marriage into a stressed-induced tailspin, my husband and I have managed this move considerably well. Very well in fact. We’ve doled out responsibilities, supported each other, set up weekly “aliyah meetings” over relaxing dinners together and become hyper-aware of the other’s needs.

 We are a well-oiled aliyah machine. Kicking ass and taking names. Just call us the Chuck Norris of moving abroad.

That is until the packing began. I have mentioned before my other half may have pack rat tendencies. I, on the other hand, can fill exactly one box of “things” that I have an emotional attachment to. If allowed, DH would fill an entire walk in closet, plus a office and a small hallway closet of items he deems important. Oh wait…he already has.

In marriage, one learns much about his or her partner’s eccentricities and in marriage one must love his or his partner in spite (or because of) those eccentricities. As a self-professed type A control freak married to a self-professed pack rat, I have learned the art and beauty of ignoring the clutter. If it is out of sight, I do my best ignore it-which is far from my desire to go in the closet armed with only industrial sized trash bags and enough Red Bull to get me through one glorious night of organizing. Oh yes, that closet would call me daddy after I was done with it.

I only learned this after our previous move from Washington D.C. Admittedly, in the process of packing, I threw out his prized hockey puck. In my defense, it looked like a regular ol’ hockey puck to me and he hasn’t played hockey since Vanilla Ice had a hit record.

So yes, I threw out his precious hockey puck. But lesson learned….my husband is a borderline hoarder and I am a heartless witch.

Back to this packing adventure. It may be better understood if I simulate an hour of packing in TheBride’s residence:

Me: Toss it, Keep it, Pack it up. Toss it, toss it, toss it, keep it, pack it up. Toss it, toss it, toss it, keep it, pack it up.

After an hour, I have successful packed up the entire living room and half the kitchen.
DH: Oooh…I forgot about this!! Then proceeds to plays with new found toy for 5 minutes. Throws away 3 old CD’s, keeps 15 old CD’s. Hon, do you think I need my boxing gloves in Israel? You know what, I’m taking them. Goes through my trashed items to make sure I haven’t thrown away anything of his. Throws out a basketball…neither of us play basketball.Takes back the basketball and packs it just in case.

After an hour, DH has managed to pack 15 CD’s we will never use, a basketball that hasn’t been touched in 3 years and of course his prized hockey puck which he made me retrieve from the dumpster after I tossed it during the last move.

I’ve had it. I’m about march into that spare room and tell him what’s what when he casually says from the other room: Hon, do you have to take all 10 pairs of black heels with you?

So yes, maybe we all have our eccentricities. I love shoes. He lets me love shoes so I will let him take his boxing gloves to Israel. And that damned hockey puck.


  1. Cassie- Love this post! Y'all are just like Jason and I, except I am just like Creed and Jason is just like you. It would take me forever to go through all my junk! Good luck with the packing, Israel is lucky to have you both as (soon-to-be) new residents!

  2. I feel your pain. G packed two carrying cases full of CDs to Israel, which are currently decorating our office here. We also had the pleasure of schlepping over 30 boxes of legal materials collected from G's 10 years of working. Those have taken up residence in our second bathroom.

    Have I mentioned not to expect good storage in Israel? We only have one closet--and it doubles as a bomb shelter!

  3. Ha! Sounds like G and DH are more alike than they know.

  4. i like your style. :) and i'm just like you - when in doubt toss it! thank you for linking your alabastard post!

  5. Great way to pack yourself and the hubby.
    as ericka said- when in doubt toss it.
    But to be honest hockey puck sounds awesome and will undoubtly make you even more awesome here in israel.

    when you come to israel, be sure to go and visit the Dead Sea. took my cousins there when they first visited in israel- couldnt go to a more beautiful place than that. I would love to take you on a tour:)

    no wonder that the Dead sea is one of the finalists in the new 7 world wonder contest, celebrating its nomination with a new and a facebook group that keeps you posted:

  6. I'm usually the toss it type, but when we were going thru our things, deciding what to bring with us to Mexico...well, I was just like your DH! I wanted to bring everything and Hubby was like "No! You don't need it!" To which I always answered, "I know I don't need it, but I want to take it because (insert sentimental value here)."

    Sounds like you're doing a pretty good job. :)

  7. Thanks Leslie! I don't feel like I have much under control yet but I will!