Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Israel: A Photo Journal

Whether you have graced her soil or not, Israel has the uncanny ability to become one's very own.  She is a homeland to those who have never crossed her borders and a holy place to those who have never experienced her divinity.

In the 10 weeks we've been here, Israel has wrapped me around her finger.  She has bore into my heart and something tells me she will never leave, even if I do.  Her tawdry and her beauty.  Her complicated contradictions.  Her affability and her brashness.  Her flaws.  Her angst.  Her tranquility.  They have become my own.

This is not everyone's Israel.  It is impossible to disregard the conflict when you are trying to describe this tiny nation.  So I will not ignore it.  To do so would not only be naive, but also disrespectful. No matter my political persuasion or personal opinions, I can only say this is not everyone's Israel.  My Israel is not my husband's Israel.  My Israel is not a soldier's Israel.  My Israel is not a Holocaust survivior's Israel.  My Israel is not a Haredi Jew's Israel.  My Israel is not a Muslim's Israel. 

This is my Israel:

My typical Israeli parking

My Mediterranean
My park in Tel Aviv

My sweet ride
Photo credit: vosizneias.com

My morning, mid-afternoon, evening, middle of the night headache
Photo credit: sviva.gov.il
My neighbor's pride

My neighbor's pain

My favorite fruit juice stand
My outdoor cafes
My walk to school

My city's resident feline population

My city's open door policy for furry friends

My heart



  1. eloquent and personal..my Cass..

  2. how does Maryland like the feline population? and worse traffic than ATL,,,,really? We miss and love you guys, have fun and be safe... And do not forget my "holy shooter" Bryan LaGasse

  3. I like the way you see Israel(Tel Aviv;D)